Tudor 2023 Watches Honest Opinions

Tudor released its 2023 new watches today and these are my opinions. New 2023 Tudor watches are: 2023 Tudor Black Bay 2023 Tudor Black Bay 54 2023 Tudor Black Bay 31/36/39/41 2023 Tudor Black Bay GMT 2023 Tudor Royal

GoPro HERO11 Black Unboxing

The GoPro HERO11 Black is the most current GoPro camera model as off December, 2022. It features the best video stabilization yet and is highly water-resistant and shock-resistant. #GoPro #HERO11Black

Was The Rolex Shortage Created to Promote Tudor?

Was the Rolex shortage created to promote the Tudor brand? Within this video, I share my opinions but I welcome your opinions too. The reality is that most any Rolex authorized dealer or Rolex boutique will have few, if any, Rolex watches available for purchase. This leads to Rolex waiting lists and even with a

Why I Prefer Rolex Two-Tone Over Tudor Two-Tone

Both Rolex and Tudor have a variety of two-tone watches. Two-tone watches are watches that incorporate gold and stainless steel. The can be in the watch case, bracelet or both. Although cosmetically, Tudor and Rolex two-tone watches seem to be the same, there are an abundance of differences. I explain those differences within this video.

The Two Best Tudor Watches

Since Tudor launched Black Bay, Tudor is no longer "a poor man's Rolex." With that said, what are the two best Tudor watches on the market today? There are a variety of highly-desirable Tudor wristwatch references to choose from but these are the two best in my opinion. #Tudor #BlackBay

Best Bang for Buck Tudor Watch

What is the best bang for buck Tudor timepiece? Since Tudor unveiled Black Bay, there are a variety of highly-desirable Tudor wristwatch references to choose among. Which are my favorite Tudor watches and why? What's your favorite timepiece from Tudor? #Tudor #BlackBay #TimepiecesForTomorrow

Is Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight GMT Coming in 2022?

Will Tudor release the Black Bay Fifty-Eight GMT in 2022? Even though I have a 7.5 inch wrist, I prefer the case size of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight more than the original Black Bay. I find the current Black Bay GMT to be too thick. What are your thoughts? Which watches will Tudor release during

Best Watches to Buy if Future Trade-In or Resale Value is a Concern

If future trade-in or resale value is concerned, these are a few wristwatches that may increase in value. I'm not a wristwatch investor or wristwatch flipper but am sharing this video for people that know themselves and realize that they may not desire multiple wristwatches and may wish to change wristwatches occasionally. Nothing is guaranteed

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Why Rolex & Tudor Make the Best Watch Cases

Rolex & Tudor make the best watch case in my opinion. The Rolex Oyster case is highly water resistant, does not utilize screws to open and is one piece. The Rolex & Tudor case has the case-back on one side that is opened and closed with something that looks like a ball from a play

Wristwatch Regrets – Tudor North Flag

We've all got wristwatch regrets! Within this video, I share my story of deciding between a Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II 42mm & a Tudor North Flag. Enjoy, subscribe share and check out my other wristwatch videos too! #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Breitling #Tudor

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