Small Waterfall Before Rainbow Falls

This is one of many small waterfalls before Rainbow Falls.  The Great Smoky Mountains National Forest is an awesome place to hike!

Relaxing Stream Alongside Alum Cave Bluffs Trail

Alum Caves Bluffs Trail is one of many amazing places to hike in the Smoky Mountains.  Enjoy!

Stream Flowing Over Fallen Tree in Smoky Mountains

One of many amazing sights, while hiking in the Smoky Mountains.

Owl & Nature Sounds at Night – Sipsey Wilderness

An owl came was close to our campsite in Sipsey Wilderness. We were at least ten miles or so in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy and share this owl video with others! #owl #SipseyWIlderness

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Snakes in Trees

Many people fail to think about snakes in trees. When hiking through the woods during snake season, always remember that snakes love to hangout in trees too! At times, snakes may even fall out of a tree and land on hikers below! Never assume that snakes are only in the water, under rocks, under leaves

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Elkmont Ghost Town – Appalachian Club

The Appalachian Club used to be a popular vacation destination. Today the Appalachian Club is a ghost town. The cabins are all in a state of disrepair and are not livable. Enjoy, share and be sure to watch my other videos from the Smoky Mountains too! #AppalachianClub #SmokyMountains