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Nest Third Generation Unboxing

Right out of the box, the Nest thermostat third generation is an impressive device! The Nest's build quality is great and I really love the stainless steel color, even though Nest is available in other colors too! This is my second Nest and the instructions that come with it for installation are very straight-forward. It's

Battery Storage Bag for Mavic Air

When my drone's batteries are not in use, I store them in a battery bag.  Although the bag not not be 100% effective, it enhances my peace-of-mind, should the drone's batteries catch fire.  A lipo fire is no joke and can be catastrophic! Available on - Generic CoBean Silver Large Size Lipo Battery Guard

Nest Generation 3 Installation

Installing the Nest thermostat was simple for me but all thermostats are different. Read your owner's manual first and hire a certified installer if in doubt. With that said, after powering off my HVAC, I found it simple to remove my old thermostat and replace it with the Nest thermostat. The included stickers made labeling

Optimal Mavic Air Controller Antennae Placement

What is the way to optimally position the antennas for the DJI Mavic Air?

macOS Disable Hard Drive Sleep from Command-Line

This is how to disable hard drive sleep from the macOS command-line. Simply disabling hard drive sleep within Energy Saver often does not work. Before I ran this command, my USB external hard drives were going to sleep at night and that was causing my cloud backup to stop. This was the fix for my

DJI Mavic Air Review After Flying For More Than a Week

This is how to attach prop guards to the DJI Mavic Air.