Are Ring Cameras or Nest Cameras Better?

Are Ring cameras or Nest cameras better? I owned and used Nest cameras for many years and have used Ring cameras for almost a year. If you're trying to decide between Ring or Nest, I hope that this video helps. Within this video, I explain my experience with both Nest and Ring cameras. Please let

How To Lock Honeywell T5 Display

This is how to lock the screen on the Honeywell T5 Smart Thermostat. This prevents anyone without the PIN code from changing the temperature from the Honeywell T5. I lock the T5's screen because I have temperature schedules defined within the Honeywell App. That optimizes my energy savings. Continuously adjusting the temperature from the T5's

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Sifely Smart Lock Review

Available on - Sifely S Model Smart Lock and Fobs Bundle The Sifely Smart Lock is an affordable smart door knob for most any door. I installed the Sifely Smart Lock on my YouTube studio's door. I can open my YouTube studio using Alexa voice commands, biometrics (fingerprint), keypad, IC card, Sifely App or

Sifely Smart Lock Installation Video

Available on - Sifely S Model Smart Lock and Fobs Bundle This is how to install Sifely Smart Lock. Installing Sifely Smart Lock was simple but pay attention to the small mistakes that I made. This was my first time installing a Sifely smart door knob and I plan to install then on several

Ring Indoor Cam Installation

This is how to install the Ring Indoor Camera. The Ring Indoor Cam was super simple to install! The base can attach to the bottom or rear of the ring camera. The included power cable was acceptably long! The video quality and audio is both great quality and it's a smaller camera than the Ring

Honeywell T5 Blowing Hot Air While Cooling Fix

Available on - Honeywell Home RCHT8610WF T5 Smart Thermostat Energy Star Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Alexa Ready - C-Wire Required If your Honeywell T5 smart thermostat is bowing hot air while in cooling mode, this might be the fix. #Honeywell #T5 #Howto

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control Installation Video

This is how I installed the Chamberlain myQ garage door opener. Installing myQ only took a few minutes and now I can open and close my garage door, using my iPhone. More importantly, it keeps a log of when the garage door is opened and closed. Even if the garage door is opened using a

Ring Solar Floodlight Unboxing

Ring Solar Floodlight is a great addition to the Ring security system. It recharges its internal battery using the sun and contains a motion sensor. #Ring #Smarthome

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Google Nest Review

There are a variety of smart home solutions on the market today but Google Nest is my favorite. From a design and build quality perspective, Google Nest does everything top-notch. Google Nest installation was also super simple! I've installed Google Nest Thermostats, Google Nest Secure, Google Nest Hello and Google Nest Cameras so far. I

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