LumeCube Air Unboxing

The LumeCube Air is incredible lighting for both video and photo. For starters, LumeCube Air is super portable and waterproof! Also, LumeCube Air is USB-rechargeable. It's easy to pack more than one LumeCube Air for when more than one light source is necessary. Multiple LumeCube Airs can be controlled with a smartphone app and the

A Great Place to Practice Photography & Videography

Thi is how I practice my photography skills for free outdoors. Enjoy and share!

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Depth of Field Explained in Common Sense Terminology

This is how to understand manual focus for video.  By utilizing manual focus, the "professional look" can be achieved with video.  Defocused background, also commonly referred to as "bokeh," is just one of the many advantages of using manual focus for video.

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