Is Exercise Bike or Rowing Machine Better?

Is a rowing machine or exercise bike better? Both are AWESOME for indoor workouts, consume minimal space and are very quiet. Within this video, I explain the pros and cons of an indoor exercise bike and rower. Enjoy! #Rowing #Cycling

Why a Home Gym Doesn’t Have to Consume a Lot of Space

Many people refuse to assemble a home gym because they feel that a home gym will consume too much space. This is the home gym that I assembled for my Apple Fitness+ workouts and the equipment consumes a minimal amount of space. It's all small and lightweight enough to move to another room if necessary,

Weight Loss Secrets that Few People Share

Weight loss is a topic full of fluff. People are always trying to sell the weight loss gimmicks. I still need to lose weight but these are my tightly-guarded secrets for losing weight and managing weight. When I start to become noticeable fat, I binge on tuna and water for a few weeks. To maintain,

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The Weight Loss Unscripted Adventure

I created Weight Loss Unscripted to function as a forum for everyone that wants to lose weight and/or build muscle. I was fat and these are the techniques that I learned to become less fat and maintain a less unhealthy build. Enjoy, Like, Share and Subscribe! #WeightLossUnscripted***I am not a doctor, personal trainer or nutritionist.

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IrixGuy’s LIVE Show – Fall Nature Hike

Welcome to another episode of IrixGuy's Live Show!  All previously-recorded episodes can be watched and shared here.  Please be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel, to watch and comment LIVE!

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