2023 Best Exercise Bike

The Schwinn IC4 is still the best exercise bike that I've ever owned! I purchased my Schwinn IC4 during June, 2020 and to this date I have encountered ZERO issues with it! What makes the IC4 so great? First of all, the build quality is exceptional and it's extremely quiet, due to using magnetic resistance.

Is Exercise Bike or Rowing Machine Better?

Is a rowing machine or exercise bike better? Both are AWESOME for indoor workouts, consume minimal space and are very quiet. Within this video, I explain the pros and cons of an indoor exercise bike and rower. Enjoy! #Rowing #Cycling

How to Move Schwinn IC4’s Cable

This is how to move the cable that connects to the Schwinn IC4's computer. Several viewers had commented about the IC4's cable being behind the handlebars and wanting to move it in front of the handlebars. This is how to do that. I prefer to have the IC4's cable in front of the handlebars

How to Display Schwinn IC4 Cadence & RPMs

The Schwinn IC4's built-in computer displays a variety of information, including RPMs. This is how to view cadence ("RPMs") on the IC4's computer. #IC4 #Howto

How I Adjusted Schwinn IC4 for Me (6’2″ ~220lbs.)

This is how I adjust the Schwinn IC4 for myself. I'm 6'2" and approximately 220 pounds at the time of posting this video. A proper cycle adjustment is important, to achieve optimal power and optimal comfortable. A common point of failure for new cyclists is not setting the seat high enough so that their

Best Shoes for Exercise Bike

If you're like me and prefer to not use clipless cycling shoes, the options may seem to be somewhat limited. I had a horrible bike wreck using clipless shoes and have been terrified of them ever since. With that said, these shoes are flat and make pedaling easy but DO NOT clip to the pedals!

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