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Delicious & Simple Grilled Shrimp Preparation

This is a delicious and simple grilled shrimp preparation! Grilled shrimp are not only delicious but they're also a healthy meal! Within this video, I grill shrimp atop my Weber grill. Enjoy, share, subscribe and check out all of my other grilling videos too! #Shrimp #ChefIrixGuy #GrilledShrimp #Seafood #Grilling

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How to Eliminate Cloud Storage Subscriptions

Cloud storage may seem to be the most convenient storage option but it can become extremely expensive very quickly. Most cloud storage providers increase subscription cost annually. Also, many have data storage limits and after reaching a certain file size, monthly subscription cost will likely increase. Moreover, cloud storage requires an Internet connection to send

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The Cleanest PS5 Slim Behind-TV Installation

One of the biggest value adds that PS5 Slim brings to the table is the smaller form-factor. Since I own the PS5 Slim and have upgraded its internal storage, I have placed my PS5 Slim behind my TV. No wires are visible and I power it on and off, by using the PS5's controller. Since

How to Install PS5 Slim Storage – PS5 Slim M.2 SSD Installation Procedure

This is how to increase PS5 Slim's storage. Within this video, I explain step-by-step how to install an M.2 SSD in PS5 Slim. After installing NVME storage in PS5 Slim, there is a lot more space available for storing games. M.2 cards are available in different sizes but I installed a 2TB M.2 card in

Ask Echo Golf Bag Review

The Ask Echo golf bag is a step above many competitors. Golf clubs are securely held by the bag and there is an abundance of storage for balls, tees, umbrella and more! It includes a rain cover and the way that Ask Echo attaches to a golf cart is brilliant! Most golf bags require that

Marmot Wind River Negative 10-Degree Sleeping Bag Review

The Marmot Wind River sleeping bag is super warm! I'm 6'2" and went with the regular size and it fits me fine. Wind River zips down on both sides, so it can be used like a blanket when it's not super cold. Also, the foot box can unzipped when it's not super cold, to provide

Quality Inn & Suites Gatlinburg Review

Quality Inn & Suites Gatlinburg is a nice place to stay. It's a short walk from the Ole Red end of the Gatlinburg strip. It's nothing fancy but was clean and quiet. The beds were not comfortable but they were survivable. Water pressure in the shower was tolerable. The mini fridge and microwave worked great!

The Effects of Elevation While Backpacking

Elevation should always be taken into account while backpacking. Elevation effects different people in different ways. Some people lose their voice. Some people become dizzy. Tolerance to alcohol is often reduced at elevation. Temperature typically drops approximately five degrees for everyone thousand feet gained. It may be dry at base camp but it may be

MacBook Pro M3 Pro Space Black Unboxing

MacBook Pro M3 Pro Space Black is the latest MacBook Pro. It comes in a variety or memory, processor and storage configurations but I opted for the base-model MacBook Pro M3 Pro but increase storage to 1TB. From a dollars and performance configuration, I felt that this spec made the most sense. I primarily use

How to Move All Files & Applications to New Mac Computer

This is how to transfer all files and all applications to a new Mac computer. If you've purchased a new Mac computer, copying all files and applications from the old Mac to the new Mac is a seamless process. Within this video, I explained step-by-step how I upgrade from my older MacBook Air M2 to

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