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Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun with Foam Handle – How to Load Tape

This is how to load tape into the Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun. Loading tape into a tape gun may seem difficult at first but it's actually simple. Within this video, I demonstrate how to load this tape gun. Enjoy and share. You can find the tape gun and tape that I'm using below:

Osmo Action Face-On-Video Test – USING FRONT SCREEN

One of the great Osmo Action features is the front-facing camera! It's easy to toggle the Osmo Action between the front and back camera, by pressing the button on the side. I filmed this video with the Osmo Action in 4K60 with Rocksteady on. I had the camera attached to a short monopod (you can

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How to Remove Osmo Action Filter

This is how to remove a stuck Osmo Action lens filter. The first time that I attempted to remove my Osmo Action's filter, I couldn't! I had to become creative and identify a solution for removing the Osmo Action's lens filter that should scratch of damage the lens filter or the camera. This is how

DJI Osmo Action Initial Impressions

My initial impressions for the DJI Osmo Action camera are highly favorable! This is the first GoPro competitor that I've seen that could actually de-throne GoPro. For starters, it has a front-facing screen. In addition to that, it is compatible with existing GoPro mounts. Time will tell but my initial experience with the Osmo Action

DJI Osmo Action 4K60 Driving Test

The DJI Osmo Action is amazing because I'm able to repurpose a variety of old GoPro-style mounts. Within this video, I attached the Osmo Action to the top of a car via a suction mount. I filmed this video in 4K60 with RockSteady on. RockSteady was likely not necessary for this filming scenario but look

DJI Osmo Action Unboxing

The Osmo Action is amazing! This is my first video of the Osmo Action and the build quality is exceptional! I can't say if the build quality of GoPro or Osmo Action is better. I like how Osmo Action has a USB-C port and both front and rear-facing screens. Osmo Action has "GoPro killer" written

#MaineCoonMondays – Episode 170

Is there a better way to start a new work week than #MaineCoonMondays? Maine Coon Cats are arguably the most entertaining cats in the world. With that said, it makes one wonder why Maine Coon Cats are “gentle giants.” Maine Coon Mondays has been created to investigate that. Please share and stay tuned for Maine

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Anguilla is an amazing island in the British West Indies. It's a short ferry ride or flight from St Maarten. Within this video, I showcase many of Anguilla's amazing beaches and things to do. Sandy Island is also featured. Sandy Island, Anguilla is a tiny island that is a short boat ride from Sandy Ground,

Scents that Attract Bears

Many people assume that only meat attracts bears but that assumption is incorrect. Wintergreen chewing gum, toothpaste and other items with strong odors attract bears too! Out of best practice, I only sleep with a water bottle and a gun in my tent. I suspend all other gear from a bear pulley system while I

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