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On a constant quest for adventure, IrixGuy created IrixGuy's Adventure Channel to share the excitement. Please follow IrixGuy throughout social media and share with others too!

Social Media Workshop Introduction

Welcome to my social media workshop! In response to multiple requests from my viewers, I've designed a workshop that should provide value for all experience levels. There will be multiple social media workshops and an entry fee is not required. However, support via Patreon and/or Superchats is tremendously appreciated! Please share with others and please

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All Power Outlets Outside Quit Working Fix

I am not an electrician. Please contact an electrician for any electrical work. After a tornado, the refrigerator in my garage quit working. Initially, I thought that the refrigerator had died but after further investigation, I discovered that all power outlets in my garage and all power outlets outside had quit working. This is what

Office Chair Wheel Upgrade for Hardwood Floors

Most office chairs require a mat, if used on hardwood floors. I cannot stand office chair mats. I feel that they look cheap! Changing an office chairs wheels is a great alternative to purchasing an ugly mat! Available on - Toplimit Office Chair Caster Wheels-Set of 5 Heavy Duty 3" Office Chair Replacement Wheels-Smooth&Safe

IrixGuy’s Live Show – Episode 72

Welcome to another episode of IrixGuy's Live Show!  All previously-recorded episodes can be watched and shared here.  Please be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel, to watch and comment LIVE!

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Final Cut Pro X Corrupt Library File Video Recovery Tutorial

This is how to retrieve video from a corrupt Final Cut Pro X library file. I've encountered a few situations where Final Cut Pro X would crash and then the Final Cut Pro X library file would not open. Fortunately, I was able to recover video clips from the Final Cut Pro X library by

Sunset Overlooking Coral Bay

Coral Bay is located on the east end of St. John. It's my favorite part of St. John because it's like sleeping in a jungle. There are minimal lights, no large businesses and it truly has the island feel. This is where I recommend staying on St. John! Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to

How to Enhance Mavic mini Video Quality

Mavic mini's video directly from the camera looks great! With that said, this are tips that I use to make Mavic mini's video look even better. Enjoy!

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My Video Editing Equipment

I've operated IrixGuy's Adventure Channel for many years and have learned a lot throughout the journey. In 2019, this is the video editing equipment that I use. Since I require both portability and performance, this is how I can achieve optimal editing performance while in the studio but can also disconnect and have powerful editing

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